Thursday, February 19, 2009

hats are faster to knit than dresses

It took me, what, 2 months to knit that dress? And here I am, back in a mere week with photos of my finished cloche cuteness. (The crown hasn't been blocked yet, but at least I can put it on!) Ignore my stoned look, it's way past my bedtime and it shows.

I'm not 100% happy with this, partly because I fudged a bit where I had to pick up stitches around the band to form the crown and left too big a hole in one part, and partly because the yarn all over had some fluffy bits and particles of hay that I didn't manage to pick out. In retrospect, I think a more commercial, "perfect" yarn would have suited this project better. I was going to knit up the other colour alpaca I had into a second one of these, but I think I'll find something else for that and if I do this hat again it'll be in commercial wool or even (gasp!) synthetic. But, it's cute, and very soft and warm. And ten bucks says it looks cuter on Rowan.

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