Saturday, November 29, 2008

slightly frustrated

I started on one of the beige blocks for my pillow last week and it's going rather slowly. Mostly because I keep messing it up. I've unraveled good big sections a couple of times now, so at this point it's about 1/3 done. Still. Again.

But, I am getting practiced at unravelling and fixing stuff, and I now know that the ONLY thing I can do while knitting is listen to the radio. TV, or actual other humans in the vicinity are bad news, and cause me to perl excessively. (Why? I don't know.)

It's ok, and I've now subscribed to a whole pile of CBC podcasts, which is probably a good thing since I no longer TRY to listen to Quirks & Quarks or Ideas when they're actually on, which is much better for family harmony because apparently I'm really good at tuning out the child and the husband when I'm listening to the radio.

But back to the knitting. I actually don't like the feel of the yarn I'm using for the pillow project. It feels nice when it's knitted, but not while it's knitting. It's reeeeally cheap acrylic, and I think I will never attempt to knit anything with cheap acrylic again. (Like, $2.49 a ball cheap. Yeah.) I am looking forward to the 100% wool (washable!) for Rowan's dress.

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